Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch à la château?

I never thought this day would come, cuz really it NEVER crossed my mind. Like seriously.
.. But then again, there's always a first for everything!

Voilà, Joyeux Anniversaire Mamie Devos!

Marc Meurin is the chef.. FYI

Bring on the appetizers! I swear minimalism is the new art.

Appetizer 1: (from left) gelatine, avocado - best vegetable in the world (to all u asians who never ate it, yes YOU, go get some!), lobak! (aka radish -_- just so .. you guys dont have to go thru all the trouble to google translate it) with crab filament salad! mmmmm!

Appetizer 2: Saint Jacques (scallops)
Well.. it was so small, it's only fair that there's 2 appetizers x)

... but then i was too full after n so...

not bad huh ;P

what else but a teeny garden outside the beloved castle to have a relaxing stroll ^-^

Just in case I ever accidentally (let's hope NEVER - forget u)...

*inhales a deep gush of
Perrine, x, Germain, y, Mathilde, Emile :)

See, I remembered... my family !

<3 the big sister I never used to have :)

(CAUTION: Yes the fluffy plant thing she is holding is deadly.)

... someone's to blame for this.

"NOooo GERMAIN!!!!"

Emile too. -_-"'

Supposed to be a vine yard, full of grapes.. you know?

Look! Look! Helicopter landing!!!!

.. what? it's cool.

See, told you it was real. ;P

So sweet :) french cousins
Right, back to lunch.

Mashed Potato topped with cheese and cheese. Some vietnamese delicacy. Pigeon.
(Hey, it was good ;P. After all, everything dies
someday - just this little one had bad karma, and a good cause, for my tummy)


Erm... did I say something? No, I.. no, what?
that you mean?
Kool Intellectually Descended Species. KIDS.

Mamie's the Queen!
Right, fellow silly sausages! Let me *clears throat* clear your tiny confused minds. According to the french culture, in the month of January, it is a tradition to relish yourselves in a pie-like dessert, Galette des Rois for the first 10 days. Normally with flavours such as apple and frangipane (that's how they call the almond pie) and inside these tongue tickling smack of flaky puff pastry layers lies a little trinket (figurine which can vary from great works of art to classic movie stars and popular cartoon characters) called la fève. Whoever get's the slice with the figurine will be crowned king for the day! How cool is that?!
OK, for the further explanation... it goes back a long
long time, this used to be the cake to celebrate the epiphany for the catholics. But now, it's a cake and every french loves a good cake so, like every good 'ol tradition we celebrate eat n laugh! N leave the thinking.. for .. the curious minds.


Apple crumble in a cup!
... layers of oven-heated apple slices filled with cream, showered with toasted bread crumbs and topped with vanilla ice cream with a bath of syrup.

How am I gonna live without all these desserts :'/

Flower :) .. it's totally bizzare btw, never seen this weird leek-ish plant which self-proclaims itself as a flower .

Baby face !

The look of happily filled tummies!

4 stars. Can't get any better than that!


wait for it..

Wine cellar! underground.. woaaah.
(... over enthusiasm can only go so far)

Castle / hotel lobby
Le Jardin d'Alice
(... the restaurant)

Oki, goodnight world.

Till next time xoxo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Host New Post

5th December 2010, moved in to my new home <3

I'm in love with it.

What more can I say?

The house is so huge I got lost, there are multiple pathways to get to the living area, a door that functions with a security code, those walkie-talkie things on the wall where you press a button to speak because it's just not very practical to walk all the way just to call the person and then walk all the way back -ring once: pick up the phone -ring twice: kitchen!

First, meet my host bro, Germain (jerma) and host mum, Corrine :)

He loves Burberry like meeee!

Only difference is, he has 'em. And me? I'll just go back to my hole T_T

Thus beegins ze houze tour!

Living Area - check the fireplace man!

(I think I can just climb right in, they're planning to do some roasting of zee shickens)
Did I mention? they have awesome surround sound system for some soothing music when they have guests over for coffee by the fire. *sigh* The french definitely know how to live the sweet life.

Living Area 2 -hmmm... when I'm rich I want a swimming pool as a space-filler, some plasma tele, billion dollar paintings of nothings on the wall and then, what the heck, throw in some smooth leather sofa sets with burberry jackets lying on them.

Oh and glass windows everywhere too

Kitchen :) - the computer! (laptop, whatever) do u see it??? That's where I'm sitting ri...ght now.

Living Area 3 (a.k.a TV room) Three :3

Room for all the coats and shoes, why not.

Now, a little trip to the kids floor. UP!

and Welcome !My little bedroom ;P

I suppose you can imagine my face with sparkly amazed eyes and a wide grin plastered over v^-^ and yeah, to clear your doubts, that my friend is a friggin shiny brilliant drumset right in the middle.
(which my host bro plays)

Queen size for my ever large-ing huge bum

Best thing a girl like me can ask for :P. PERSONAL BATHROOM!

outside my window
(no cows here, but i saw a porcupine running out there today! PORCUPINE - i don't know how to spell that btw.)

Yes, really. A pool table.

Play area for PS3? Why not? <3

Corridor to Perrine (my host sis) and Emile (host bro) 's rooms.
Parent's area are off limits :S too bad !

But you can watch me take my favourite lemon yogurt :P

This, is theworld'smostamazingcreationofalltime. The DISH WASHER. (I'm so getting ten of these when I get a house of mine) You just pop your nasty dishes inside and poof! out comes freshly cleaned pots and bowls. Nothing gets better than sitting on your butt.
I'm a month late, as usual. But I finally did post something! :P
(god knows when my next post will be)
Till next time! xoxo

Monday, October 25, 2010

Musée Vivant

13 October 2010, just another wednesday after school, I went with my school to a musuem in Lille, theme of the day: Musée Vivant << Live Museum >>
(Whatever that means? you will find out) ;P

At 18h00, on the bus! TAKE OFF!!
(I don't exactly mean in the sense of clothes, but in the sense that we leave for the journey....umm.. okay, right next!)

Me and my friend Ségoléne! I love her name xD its very uniquely french - Unpronouncable in English.
She was like me one of the last to arrive! ! (normal laa)
Yupp, this season's new look, out of shower hair.

Arrived! and.. yeahh, there's a strike right outside the museum.
They ALWAYS have strikes everywhere. My host dad says France is the king of strikes.

They were playing loud music, like a disco :))))
~I'm only gonna break, break your, break~ break your heart~ If you fall for meeeeeee..

Back to the museum! So, we had a sandwich dinner on the benches outside the museum, just a typical day to freeze your bones out :) lovely as usual.

~I'm not easy to pleaseeee~~ Told you from the start! I'm only gonna... breeee-
(moving on)

Yes by the time we enter it was already dark, 20h00 i think.
So.. that's (from the left:) Camille, Jeanne, Julie, Ségoléne :))

And... That's Pierre. Look at all the lights go!~
(=.=" he was supposed to be taking pictures of us)

:D In we go!

Just because it's a museum.. So some random museumyy things.

Oooohh :OO statue!

Hereeee, u see everyone is ready with their drawing blocks and charcoal sticks! Waiting for the models to arrive. You know, nobody told me exactly what it was, so I had this image that it would be of statue people covered in paint. But of course, that would be too normal so...
The organiser announces: "please kindly turn off your cameras as our models are arriving"
(In french of course, i can only make out the word camera, n i guessed for the others, bt this is probably what he said :p)

Right after, two ladies and one man comes out in a bathrobe, stands by their stations and, *poof!* off goes the cloth and they start posing in the stark nakedness on their chairs.
And i start laughing xDDDDDD n my schoolmates just gave me a look.
Before i know it, everyone is busy sketching away so off i go to get my own papers and sticks of charcoals
(don't wana miss out - once in a lifetime opportunity man!)

My classmates! (From left:) Ségoléne, Jeanne, Julie.
Basically it was a great night, I love arts and something new is always exciting :)

After they served some refreshments and we went to see the art exhibition upstairs - ancient paintings of famous artists with names i can't pronounce, and some modern phototgraphy display.

Met the Chilean exchange student staying in Lille, Valentina!!! Such coincidence.
She's here with her host family cuz she likes art and all, like me, she wants to be an Architect too! like me! ;p Small world, I think, no?



Take a deep breath, You'll need it.






(stop, breath somemore)

... ready? ;P

(i think u're ready)





just ...kidding!

So, this is what I drew :D

There is a total of 4 picures but the others weren't really good.. and the man one is 'a bit' woah xD Hahaha I was just sketching what I saw, like EVERYONE else.
So yeahhh, it's somethng different and definitely new.
It's just France and Art baby, nothing more.

This is my fav! With the colour and all :) but yes, it's not perfect.
Did I mention? They looked very comfortable naked, like it was the most natural thing ever, it was amazing actually. HAHA reaally, they didn't care so other people didn't either !

It made me think, that's kinda how it is in life. <3
Till next time! xoxo